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When we consider setting up a new business project, we may need commercial premises and finding the best possible location for a business is a strategic decision. SALSA PATRIMONIO with its portfolio of buildings, has exclusive locations on the “High Street” of the city of Malaga.

Once the ideal search for available spaces has been carried out and the location, visitors flow, attraction signs, etc. have been studied, the process begins to reach an agreement that culminates with the signing of the rental contract. It is advisable that at the same time, progress is made in the project for the implementation and renovation of the premises. This reform can be full or partial depending on the state of the premises and the needs of the new business.

If we want future clients to perceive the “brand” image, it is important that both the interior and exterior reflect the brand’s identity, aesthetic characteristics, product, quality, sustainability… etc. So it will have to be adapted to its new corporate image.

A place that invites you to enter is the success in the renovation of a business.

Achieving success in renovating a premises requires good planning, anticipating unforeseen situations and the ability to make decisions to meet objectives, but the most important thing is to surround yourself with professionals of recognized solvency in commercial spaces. Choosing the best possible people will be essential: if the technical team and construction company do not go hand in hand, the objectives of an opening on time with the planning will probably not be achieved.

Next, we comment in general terms, depending on the locations and architectural protections of the buildings, the different procedures to follow in the Historic Center of Malaga area.


In addition to fulfilling the identification function, fortunately the City Council is concerned with maintaining an increasingly harmonious urban aesthetic of commercial areas.

The Historic Center of Malaga, declared such as ‘Asset of cultural Interest’ (Bien de Interés Cultural – BIC), constitutes a common heritage and a right of all its citizens, which is why the City Council has developed a PEPRI plan (Special Reform and Protection Plan) that deals with the rehabilitation of buildings with architectural protection, incorporation of new equipment, etc., highlighting the architectural heritage of the city.

At Salsa Patrimony we ensure that our premises and the renovations carried out in them by our tenants comply with this rehabilitation strategy of the Historic Center of the Malaga City Council, based fundamentally on maintaining the image of the façade of the building in which it is located. The premises, adapting it to the entire property, since everything together, forms part of the revaluation of urban public space.

The recovery of commercial facades reinforces the architectural values of the properties and has a positive impact on the qualities of the urban landscape, resulting in a revaluation of the city’s own economic activity.

The parameters that are taken into account within this PEPRI regulation are:

– Composition of the façade: alignments, rhythms and hollows.

– Ornamental elements: borders and capitals.

– Carpentry that incorporates installations, advertising and awnings.

– Walls: ashlars and plinths

– Facilities integrated into the architectural composition

– Advertising elements integrated into the façade

At Salsa Patrimony, although it is not a requirement demanded by the administration, we always review the renovation projects before the tenants request the Building License since we care that our commercial premises comply with the regulations established by the City Council. We act as the first filter to verify that the PEPRI regulations are really complied with and that the street looks harmonious and respects the urban identity of the Historic Center. This review is carried out by the Private Works Coordination Team (ECOP), which is a team of technicians hired by Salsa Patrimony to ensure the proper functioning of the works and support the tenant in any doubts or setbacks that may arise during the renovation, but especially for compliance with PREPI regulations.

Before obtaining the Building License, the City Council must send the application to the Culture Delegation of the Junta de Andalucía and must wait for the favorable report from the technicians before issuing said license.

For the renovations of the Salsa Patrimony premises located on Calle Marqués de Larios, in the historic center of Malaga, in addition to the necessary authorizations detailed below, a mobility permit provided by the City Council is required, so that the trucks can bring materials and remove debris before 10:00 in the morning. This permit will be requested once the Construction License has been obtained.

In general, the different permits and authorizations that must be requested for the renovation of a premises depending on its location and architectural protection of the building where it is located are:

– Local renovation license or Construction License. Depending on whether it is new construction or rehabilitation of premises, one permit or another will be necessary.

– Commercial activity license in case it is a new establishment (Opening license)

– Mobility permit in the case of premises in the Historic Center of Malaga

– Accessibility license: when there is a need to establish an access of no less than 100 cm wide

– Opening license. A qualified activity permit is required for premises with activities that entail risk to users or properties, such as a car garage or a restaurant. For stores selling products, a harmless opening license is generally required.

The request for a Building License can only be avoided through the responsible declaration model when they are minor works such as extensions, modifications, renovations that do not alter the architectural configuration of the building and the surface of the premises is less than 300 m². However, inspections can be carried out by the City Council to verify that the proposed actions correspond to reality.

Salsa Patrimony, belongs to the Sociedad Azucarera Larios Group, with a long tradition in the management of urban rental assets, has a portfolio of its own properties in Malaga and Madrid of more than 73,000 m² of GLA (Gross Lettable Area), which includes buildings of offices, commercial premises, homes and a themed shopping center, El Ingenio, in the town of Vélez-Málaga.

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